Zero Phthalate Policy Implications for Engineered Quartz Stone Industry

January 28 , 2024

Australia's policies concerning crystalline silica, particularly the recent regulatory actions against artificial stone products due to concerns over health risks posed by prolonged exposure to respirable crystalline silica (such as silicosis), have significant implications for the engineered quartz stone industry:


Market Realignment: As engineered quartz stones typically contain quartz crystals, which are primarily composed of silica, manufacturers may need to halt production of non-compliant products and explore alternative materials or process improvements that minimize worker exposure risks.


Summerly has many products that are produced without using raw materials prohibited by the policy, and have passed the testing of the professional organization SGS. For details, please check the link below:

Crystalline Silica Content Test Report From SGS Agency


Supply Chain Overhaul: The regulation can lead to supply chain challenges, necessitating thorough reevaluation of suppliers and ensuring all raw materials meet new safety standards. This could involve investment in R&D for safer formulations and techniques.


Cost Impact: A shift towards safer production methods and substitute materials might increase production costs, influencing product pricing and market competitiveness.


Trade Ramifications: As a pioneering country banning artificial stone, Australia's policy changes could reverberate through international trade, affecting demand patterns and standard-setting globally, especially for exporters reliant on the Australian market.


Industry Transformation: While presenting immediate pressures, these measures also offer opportunities for technological innovation, greener manufacturing practices, and occupational health and safety enhancements within the industry, ultimately driving it toward more environmentally friendly and safer directions.


In summary, Australia's stance on crystalline silica is both a test and a catalyst for transformation in the engineered quartz stone sector, compelling businesses to innovate and upgrade their operations to align with the evolving regulatory landscape.

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