Elevate Your Design with Custom Quartz Stone Edge Profiles

December 31 , 2023

At Summerly Quarz as a leading Quartz manufacturer and trusted surface supplier, we understand the transformative power of precision edge detailing on Quartz Stone countertops, backsplashes, and other applications. Our diverse range of edge profiles brings out the full aesthetic potential and functionality of your chosen material.

1. Flat Edge (Square Edge)
   The fundamental choice for minimalist designs, our Flat Edge profile delivers crisp lines that are parallel to the countertop surface. It emphasizes the sleek modernity of Quartz Stone while maintaining a clean-cut finish.

2. Eased Edge
   We offer an array of Eased Edges, where edges are gently chamfered and polished to soften sharp corners. Whether it's a subtle Quarter Round or a more pronounced Demi-Bullnose, this refined touch adds safety without compromising sophistication in your Quartz Stone surfaces.

3. Half Bullnose / Full Bullnose
   Transforming edges into a graceful half or full arc, our Half and Full Bullnose profiles imbue warmth and comfort to your space. Perfect for households and commercial areas alike, these rounded edges highlight the smooth, seamless nature of Quartz Stone.

4. Double Step Edge
   For those seeking depth and dimension, our Double Step Edge creates a tiered effect by crafting two distinct levels along the edge. This custom design elevates the visual appeal of your Quartz Stone surfaces, making them standout features in any interior.

5. Ogee Edge
   A signature style statement, our Ogee Edge is characterized by its elegant S-curve silhouette atop a straight lower portion. Ideal for traditional or classical settings, this opulent edge treatment enhances the luxurious look of Quartz Stone.

6. Roman Ogee Edge
   Taking inspiration from classic architecture, the Roman Ogee Edge offers a continuous and grandiose curve that exudes timeless charm. This intricate detail adds a regal touch to your Quartz Stone surfaces, setting them apart in any decor scheme.

7. Custom Edge Profiles
   As a dedicated Quartz manufacturer and surface supplier, we excel at crafting bespoke edge designs tailored to your unique vision. From Trapezoid to Diamond, to intricate combinations of bevels, our custom edge options allow you to express individuality through your Quartz Stone installations.

Partner with us to experience the finest quality Quartz Stone craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. Let us help bring your project to life with exceptional edge profiles that define luxury and functionality.

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