Oscar Grey Vein Vanity Top

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Engineered quartz stone is a great choice for adding a pop of color and personality to your home. When used on walls, floors, countertops, and more, these quartz stones create a textured and dimensional look with their white patterns. 


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93% quartz sand and 7% resin



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Fumigation Wooden Frame /Iron A Frame


More than 5 years

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Production Process of the Artificial Quartz Stone:


Quartz Stone

Mineral Crushing → Different particle size of gravel → Special raw materials formula of artificial quartz → Mixing stirring-Putting raw materials-Vacuum pressure molding → Flab Slabs → Trimminging edges → Slabs shaped inspection → Leveling, thicknessing → Fine grinding and polishing → Vertical and horizontal cutting machine → Inspecting and package


Why Choose SUMMERLY Quartz's Engineered Stone Vanity Tops?

When it comes to selecting the perfect engineered stone vanity tops, SUMMERLY Quartz stands at the forefront as a beacon of excellence and innovation. Established in 2015 amidst the stone-centric landscape of Shuitou, the acclaimed 'Stone Capital of the World,' SUMMERLY Quartz has diligently honed its craft to become a leading name in the realm of quartz stone production.


Our journey began as a foreign trade company, evolving into a multifaceted entity equipped with both production prowess and trade qualifications. With an unwavering dedication to progress, we continuously enhance our production capacity, aspiring not just for greatness but to become a paragon of global distinction in the quartz stone domain.


At SUMMERLY Quartz, our ethos revolves around a dual focal point: prioritizing the needs of our customers and fostering an environment that nurtures the growth and happiness of our employees. Our mission is intricately woven around these pillars, ensuring that every aspect of our operation aligns with these core values.


Our engineered stone vanity tops epitomize our commitment to excellence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and utilizing cutting-edge technology, our quartz stone products are a testament to unparalleled quality. We understand the intricacies of customer requirements, offering a spectrum of colors, styles, and bespoke engineering options to suit diverse preferences.


Moreover, our global import solutions boast a professional team and a network of global partners, guaranteeing hassle-free, personalized solutions tailored to individual needs. For our U.S. patrons, we extend a seamless door-to-door experience facilitated by our US warehouse and logistics, ensuring prompt access to our premium quartz stone offerings.


As one of the leading engineered stone countertops manufacturers in China, SUMMERLY Quartz has a culmination of exceptional production capacity, unwavering customer focus, and a dedication to elevating spaces with unparalleled quality and aesthetics.


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