Welcome To Meet Us in XIAMEN Stone Fair 2023

October 25 , 2023

In this exhibition hall, Summerly quartz stone is inspired by LOGO. The theme of this design is "half light, half sea water"; the low-key blue gives people a mysterious and quiet feeling, and has the power to soothe anxiety, bringing A lot of comfort, pure white creates a peaceful living atmosphere, no matter where you are, you can find a trace of tranquility in it.

Samari quartz stone has a professional team with 15 years of experience in technology research and development. It has a mature and complete product supply chain from raw material procurement to engineering processing, and has passed various corporate environment and product qualification certifications.
We pursue excellent quality and create a first-class brand!
We aim to reach the world with confidence and win-win growth!
We look forward to walking hand in hand with you in the future and witnessing together!

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