Popular Design Styles for Quartz Stone in Bathrooms

June 28 , 2024

Quartz stone has become a go-to material for bathroom countertops due to its durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic versatility. As bathrooms evolve from purely functional spaces to luxurious retreats, the design of quartz countertops plays a crucial role in setting the tone.

bathroom quartz stone

Here are some of the most popular design styles for quartz stone in bathrooms:

1. White on White



Clean and Fresh: White quartz countertops create a pristine and airy atmosphere, making the bathroom feel more spacious.

Versatile: This style allows for a variety of accent colors through towels, bath mats, and other accessories.

Popular Choices:

Tranquility Quartz: Features subtle grey veining, adding depth without overwhelming the space.

Royale Blanc Quartz: A bright white option with no veining, perfect for a crisp, clean look.

Design Tips:

Pair with white or light-colored cabinetry to maintain a cohesive look.

Use contrasting elements like dark fixtures or colorful accessories to add visual interest.


2. Clean and Modern



Minimalist Aesthetic: Focuses on simplicity and functionality, often featuring sleek lines and minimal ornamentation.

Bright and Airy: Utilizes light colors and reflective surfaces to enhance natural light.

Popular Choices:

Royale Blanc Quartz: Its bright white surface complements modern design elements.

Calacatta Quartz: Offers a marble-like appearance with dramatic veining, adding a touch of luxury.

Design Tips:

Incorporate floating vanities to create a sense of openness.

Use frameless mirrors and glass shower enclosures to maintain the minimalist vibe.


3. Black and White



Timeless Elegance: Combines the classic contrast of black and white for a sophisticated look.

Versatile: Fits well with various architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Popular Choices:

Black Coral Quartz: Provides a striking contrast when paired with white elements.

Bright White Quartz: Maintains the classic color combination without introducing additional hues.

Design Tips:

Use black fixtures and hardware to enhance the contrast.

Incorporate patterned tiles or textured walls to add depth and interest.


4. Floating Vanity



Space-Saving: This creates the illusion of more space by exposing the floor beneath the vanity.

Modern Appeal: Often used in contemporary and minimalist designs.

Popular Choices:

Black Coral Quartz: Adds a substantial and luxurious feel to the floating vanity.

Concrete Finish Quartz: Offers an industrial look with a matte and slightly textured surface.

Design Tips:

Install under-cabinet lighting to enhance the floating effect.

Use sleek, wall-mounted faucets to complement the modern design.


5. Transitional Style



Blend of Old and New: Combines traditional and contemporary elements for a balanced look.

Versatile: Can be adapted to suit various tastes and preferences.

Popular Choices:

Marble-Look Quartz: Mimics the appearance of marble, providing a classic touch with modern durability.

Mercer Quartz: Features rich veining that ties together different design elements.

Design Tips:

Use a mix of traditional and modern fixtures and accessories.

Incorporate natural materials like wood and stone to add warmth and texture.


6. Formal Design



Elegant and Luxurious: Focuses on high-end materials and sophisticated design elements.

Attention to Detail: Often features intricate patterns, rich colors, and ornate fixtures.

Popular Choices:

Calacatta Gold Quartz: Offers a luxurious look with gold veining on a white background.

Statuario Quartz: Provides a high-end marble-like appearance with bold veining.

Design Tips:

Use decorative mirrors and lighting fixtures to enhance the formal look.

Incorporate rich fabrics and textures through towels, rugs, and window treatments.


7. Nature-Inspired



Organic and Relaxing: Uses natural colors and textures to create a spa-like atmosphere.

Earthy Tones: Incorporates greens, browns, and other natural hues.

Popular Choices:

Soapstone Quartz: Features a matte finish with subtle veining, ideal for a calming environment.

Woodgrain Quartz: Mimics the look of natural wood, adding warmth and texture.

Design Tips:

Use natural materials like wood, stone, and plants to enhance the organic feel.

Incorporate large windows or skylights to bring in natural light.




Choosing the right design style for your quartz bathroom countertops can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your space. By understanding the different design options and their characteristics, you can create a bathroom that is both functional and visually stunning. Whether you prefer the clean and modern aesthetic of bright white quartz, the timeless elegance of black and white, or the organic appeal of nature-inspired designs, there is a quartz countertop style to suit every taste.

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