How to hide the seam line when install a quartz countertop?

February 05 , 2018

Quartz stone always popular in indoor decorate by its elegant, high-end, high glossiness surface. Nice daily clean and maintenance can longer its working life, while there lack of useful way to  removal seam line of two quartz.  If the worker cannot hide the seam line, the seam line will turn to black after continuous unavoidable irreversible pollution, then destroy the whole perfect surface.

How to hide the seam line when install a quartz countertop 1.jpg



Quartz slab has high hardness, the highest one 0 can reach Mohs hardness 7 which means it can only beaten by a diamond, so it is very difficult to make seamless quartz countertops. If we randomly polish the quartz countertop as other artificial stone countertop, the quartz will lose its original gloss.




Therefore, installer should follow the below steps:

1. The matching part should choose bevel joint instead of straight joint,  and glue them with the same color resin to improve wholeness feeling. Always compare the resin color with the quartz countertops before gluing to confirm a best match.

2.Smearing the resin glue evenly and fix the quartz countertop with F-clip or A-clip. Sometimes the glue will plump up after squeezing. Don't remove them, as the glue will shrink a little before final fix.

3. Using polished section and grind filler to adjust the surface, small the seam line and make countertop a horizontal top.  


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