Difference Zircon Crystal Quartz Stone And Quartz Stone

March 03 , 2016

Are a lot of people is that there is confusion on the natural rock crystal quartz, some people think that rock crystal quartz, but some say it is two completely different substances. So in the end between the crystal and quartz stone and how the relationship between the difference? Here to tell you the specific introduction.

First, the crystal and quartz stone Relations

Crystal is actually a large quartz crystal minerals, rare minerals, a gem. It's important to the chemical composition is silicon dioxide, the crust of the earth is more than about 65% constituent of the most important mineral when crystalline silica is the perfect crystal. When the crystals containing various trace elements of metal, will form crystals of various colors, such as: tea, crystal, amethyst, citrine, powder crystal, red crystal, green crystal, Ametrine like.

Second, the difference between crystal and quartz stone

Quartz is a common rock-forming minerals, the crystal is very stable and not prone to weathering or chemical reaction, into other minerals. Quartz glass glossy appearance, no cleavage plane, conchoidal fracture. Quartz crystal plane does not have a complete, since its formation in igneous crystallization latest, and most are filled in other rock-forming minerals crystallizing in the middle. Therefore, quartz and other rocks always symbiotic whole rock nor transparency; transparent crystal colorless crystals, usually in the form of columnar crystals, hexagonal-shaped single main column, rhombohedral, with conchoidal fracture. Often in the presence of columnar crystals rich inclusions, generally common: negative crystal, fluid inclusions, solid inclusions.

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