Customize your engineered quartz stone with just a sample and a photo

December 09 , 2023

As a quartz stone factory, we are a robust quartz supplier with a strong production capacity and excellent quartz stone customization capabilities. This means that as long as customers provide samples and large-scale drawings, we can complete the customization of quartz slab size and quartz stone slab prefabricated plate production in a short time, and carry out more complete quartz slabs wholesale mass production at low cost

Simultaneously, we are also an enterprise integrating factory and trade, and can smoothly export the quartz stone produced by the factory to the port designated by the customer, making us a reliable quartz countertops supplier.


After receiving a sample and a detailed photo of the quartz stone slab from our customer, we were able to determine that we have the capability to produce similar products. However, it is important to note that this particular style is a custom project sample and must be manufactured according to the specifications provided by the designer. To ensure that we meet the customer's engineering requirements, our team meticulously drew proportional drawings based on the quartz slab dimensions provided in the large plate photos and went on to customize the mold accordingly.



After successfully creating the mold, our team wasted no time in arranging for efficient prefabrication. Our skilled technicians meticulously adjust the color of each quartz slab, taking into account the samples provided by our valued customers. Using bespoke molds tailored to their specifications, we produce high-quality prefabricated quartz stone slabs that are then presented to our clients for final approval.



We meticulously analyze the intricate pattern details by conducting multiple comparisons with the customer's original quartz stone slab photos. Through this process, we ensure that there is absolutely no discernible color difference when comparing with the samples. To provide a comprehensive overview of our findings, we compile these comparison results into a collection of visually engaging pictures, detailed documents, and informative videos, which are then promptly shared with the customer for their thorough review.



After confirming that the quartz slab meets all of the customer's specifications, we swiftly initiate mass production in our dedicated production department. Our meticulous attention to detail extends beyond production to encompass quality inspection, packaging, and the entire foreign trade process. With a steadfast commitment to punctuality and excellence, we consistently deliver quartz stone slabs on time and with utmost quality, earning us the trust and recognition of our valued customers.

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