Vein Quartz Surface

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Engineered quartz stone is a great choice for adding a pop of color and personality to your home. When used on walls, floors, countertops, and more, these quartz stones create a textured and dimensional look with their white patterns. 


Model Number



93% quartz sand and 7% resin



Package Type

Fumigation Wooden Frame /Iron A Frame


More than 5 years

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Production Process of the Artificial Quartz Stone:


Grey Veining Quartz Stone

Mineral Crushing → Different particle size of gravel → Special raw materials formula of artificial quartz → Mixing stirring-Putting raw materials-Vacuum pressure molding → Flab Slabs → Trimminging edges → Slabs shaped inspection → Leveling, thicknessing → Fine grinding and polishing → Vertical and horizontal cutting machine → Inspecting and package


Introduction to Grey Veining Quartz Stone

There is no doubt that grey veining quartz stone is the best option for your bathroom and kitchen. It can be regarded as the epitome of style and functionality for your home. With its classic color and unparalleled personality, it would significantly decorate your sweet home.


Crafted from 93% quartz sand and 7% resin, its composition guarantees durability and longevity, making it the perfect choice for walls, floors, countertops, and beyond. The surface options of polished, leathered, or matte finish offer a range of textures, adding depth and dimension to any room. When you use it as a quartz kitchen wall, you may appreciate the excellent surface and great texture.


What Sets The V054 Quartz Stone Surface Apart?

In this section, the author will show you why V054 quartz stones are a good option.

●Unmatched Resilience: Say goodbye to scratches! This quartz stone boasts scratch resistance, ensuring it maintains its pristine appearance for years to come.


●Purity Preserved: Absorbing impurities? Not with the V054. Its composition prevents the absorption of unwanted substances, keeping your space clean and hygienic.


●Heat-Resistant: From hot pots to warm pans, this engineered stone can take the heat without a hint of damage, ensuring your kitchen remains both safe and stunning.


●Effortless Processing: Easy to work with, this stone allows for seamless installation, transforming your space into a hassle-free experience.


●Color Flexibility: With a variety of vibrant hues and white patterns, you have the freedom to choose the perfect shade that resonates with your style.


●Reliable Stability: Count on a stable and consistent process in both manufacturing and usage, guaranteeing a reliable and beautiful result.


Enjoy peace of mind with a warranty extending beyond 5 years and access to online technical support for any post-purchase inquiries or assistance.