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Royal Gold-V045


No Absorpting of Impurities

Heat-resistance Non-toxic & non-radioactive

Easy to Process

Flexible colors

Stable process

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Combining movement and natural beauty, Royal Gold calacatta is inspired by sunsets over majestic mountains. Gold stripes were widely used in royal architecture, and this bold design can add a touch of confidence to any space.


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93% quartz sand and 7% resin



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Fumigation Wooden Frame /Iron A Frame


More than 5 years

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Artificial Quartz Stone: Application


The artificial quartz stone is flexible and its rich combination of colors gives itself with the texture and beautiful surface like the natural stone.

It can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, etc.) and home decoration (kitchen countertops, washstands, kitchen and bathroom walls, dining tables, coffee tables, window sills, door covers, etc.). It is an environmentally new building interior decoration material that is free of radioactive pollution and can be reused.


Gold Quartz Stone


Artificial Quartz Stone: Packing


Gold Quartz Stone


Artificial Quartz Stone: Production Process


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Mineral Crushing → Different particle size of gravel → Special raw materials formula of artificial quartz → Mixing stirring-Putting raw materials-Vacuum pressure molding → Flab Slabs → Trimminging edges → Slabs shaped inspection → Leveling, thicknessing → Fine grinding and polishing → Vertical and horizontal cutting machine → Inspecting and package


Why Choose Gold Quartz Stone?

This gold quartz stone is where timeless elegance meets the rugged allure of nature. Crafted to emulate the breathtaking beauty of sunsets cascading over majestic mountains, this stone is a true testament to opulence and sophistication.


Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of royal architecture, the bold gold stripes woven through its design evoke a sense of regality and strength, infusing any space with an air of confidence and grace.


Meticulously composed of 93% quartz sand and 7% resin, this artificial quartz stone exemplifies durability, resilience, and the beauty of nature's raw elements. Its surface offers a choice between polished, leathered, or matte finishes, ensuring versatility that caters to diverse design preferences.


Whether adorning countertops, accent walls, or flooring, gold quartz stone promises to be a statement piece, elevating interiors with its radiant hues and exquisite patterns.


Step into a realm of timeless sophistication and natural allure with gold quartz stone - a fusion of movement, luxury, and the splendor of the great outdoors.