Calacatta Grey Vein Large Slab Countertop Quartz Stone

Calacatta V006 Grey Vein Large Slab Countertop Quartz Stone, Size: 3200*1600 mm (126′x 63′) ; / 3000 *1400 mm( 110′x 47′) /customized. thickness: 20mm;30mm. Finish: Polished Quartz Stone. This product is very suitful used as kitchen countertios, reception and desktops. Contact us to get free sample!

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Grey Vein Large Slab

China calacatta grey vein large slab countertop quartz stone manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap calacatta grey vein large slab countertop quartz stone from our factory and check calacatta grey vein large slab countertop quartz stone price with us.


Low maintenance of quartz countertops means that once the countertop is installed, you don't have to put a lot of money into the project. Maintenance: Quartz counter tops do not need to be re-sealed by the homeowner, which is virtually maintenance-free.


Product Artificial Quartz Stone
material with 93% natural quartz & 7%   high quality polymer resins and colorful pigments
Item name V006 Calaccata 
Color White/ Grey Vein
Size 3200*1600 mm / 3000 *1400 mm
Thickness 20mm;30mm.
Finish Polished/Honed

Product picture:

quartz stone countertop slabs


quartz stone countertop slabs


Product Performance

quartz stone countertop slabs

Production Engineering:

quartz stone countertop slabs


Packing : usuallly we packed slabs with  wooden crates and tiles/ countertops with  wooden box.

quartz stone countertop slabs


Product Application:

kitchen countertops. shower stalls, bathroom vanity tops,  andtabletops , wet bar top.

wall cladding and flooring tiles,lobby and interior walls, conference tables,  reception and desktops.


quartz stone countertop slabs


Our advantages:

1.We own a professional produced factory covers an area of 20000 m2, with three automatic quartz production lines. we can produce 1 million m2 per year.
2. Our main markets are North America, South America, Australia and Europe.
3.Attend international exhibition fair, including Xiamen stone fair, Coverings fair in Orlando, Victoria stone in Brazil.



Q: Can you do customize color/ size?

A: Yes,  we can customize the quartz stone according to your samples, or your requirment.


Q: Can I use your quartz slab  for outdoor cladding?

A: It is not suitable for outdoor wall & floor cladding; it is only for indoor wall decoration and flooring. For artificial stone have ingredient contains some color pigment, it will fade if long time exposure in the sun.



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