White Color Grey Veinquartz Stone Kitchen Top

Our new quartz stone color SQ6156 Kalili Cream arrive now! With white color and light grey vein , this kind of color can used as your quartz kitchen top. Max large size 3200*1600 mm , thickness 12 /15/ 18 /20/30 mm. Contact us to get free samples now!

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White Color Grey Veinquartz Stone Kitchen Top

Product:  Artificial Quartz Stone

raw material:  more than93 % natural quartz and 7% polymer resin and pigments.

Item name: Kalili Cream

Item: No. : SQ6156

Color:  white color quartz

Size:  3200*1600 mm / 3000*1400 mm / customized

thickness: 12/ 15 / 18 /20 /30  mm.

Finish: Polished / Honed

White Color Grey Veinquartz Stone Kitchen Top


White Color Grey Veinquartz Stone Kitchen Top



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Production Process

1: inspect raw materials

2 mix all nature quartz sands and inorganic pigments and polymer resins and blend them together.

3. Pour them mixed material in the a mold. Form to slab size.

4. Press them with a special vacuum and vibration  and heated for a period time.

5. Trimming, leveling, thicknessing, polishing.

6.Inspred and filming.




Q :How to packing slabs or tiles or quartz stone kitchen top prefabs?

A: We pack slab with standard export seaworthy wooden crate OR wooden for slabs and tiles/ countertops.

wooden box .jpg


wooden frame.JPG


Q: What’s the thickness tolerance of your quartz stone slab?

A: The thickness tolerance is ±0.5-1mm


Q:How to maintain your quartz stone kitchen top surface?

A: Our quartz is non-porous and highly resistant to stains,as such,it is very simple to clean and maintain

REMOVING ADHERED MATERIALS (gum,nail polish,paint)

1) Scrape the surface with a plastic putty knife or a rezor.

2) Rinse with clean water thoroughly

3) Dry thoroughly

4) Any gray marks left by the blade can be removed with soft scrub liquid gel.

5) If necessary,use windex streak free to clean any gel residue.


Q: Could you offer free sample?

A: We can offer free samples,  we can also offer customize samples within 3 to 5 days.   You just need to take the freight cost and we will send the sample soon. 


Q:  Where is the loading port?

A:  The loading port is XIAMENT PORT,  CHINA.


Feel free to contact me if  you need any detail !



Tel:+86 18859202703

E-mail: thinking05@summerlyquartzstone.com

Factory address: B6 Yongquanshan Industrial Zone Shuitou Town Nan'an, Fujian,China


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