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How To Choose The Cabinet Quartz Countertops?
- Feb 03, 2016 -

Quartz stone countertops cabinets is extremely important as a part of a single domestic industry mixed quartz stone, quartz stone countertops some easy to crack, easy to penetrate, does not stain, after a period of time consumers spend seemingly no gloss surface dark, indelible after stained with dirt, which the interests of consumers is direct damage; the second for consumers, how to choose quartz stone countertops it is a matter of most concern, below we provide some of the election buy quartz plate tips:

A look: visual sample color pure not cloudy, plastic-like surface without glial sense, small pores no negative plate.

Two smell: no smell pungent chemical odor.

Three touch: hands touching the sample surface silk feeling, and no astringent sense of rugged no sense.

Four stroke: The nail plate surface, no scratches.

Five touch: the same two samples of each tap, not broken.

Six check: Check whether the ISO quality system certification of products, quality inspection reports, whether the product warranty cards and related security signs.