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Available Quartz Surface From Summerly Quartz
- Oct 22, 2018 -

With a strong team of highly experienced and professional workforce in the industry, Summerly Quartz is able to develop nearly all best selling colors in the market. At the meantime, there are several quartz surface can be done at our production .


1.Polished surface


The polished surface refers to a sheet whose surface is flat and polished with a resin abrasive or the like to have a mirror gloss. The average natural stone luminosity can be 80.90 degrees, while the artificial quartz surface is about 35-60 degrees; It’s the most popular using for the countertop, due to the smooth surface, the strong reflection of light, can fully display the rich and colorful colors and texture of the stone itself. At the same time, it is very easily to clean up at your daily using.


2. Matted surface (Honed)

Matt surface is flat and is subjected to less buffing treatment on the surface with a resin abrasive. Its luminosity is lower than the polished surface, with a certain luminosity, but the reflection of light is weak, and it has nostalgic effect. Please note that Matt finishes will require more daily maintenance than the polished finishes. Because there is more exposed surface area with honed surface,water marks , finger prints and other signs of daily living may show. Most of these marks can be easily removed with little effort and non-abrasive cleaning products such as soft scrub liquid gel.


3. Leather surface


The leather surface is slightly concave and convex, and it feels smooth and does not sting. It is a very good treatment of the countertop surface, special and unique . Because the leather surface needs more time to process, higher costing are required , so the price will be higher then honed surface and polishing surface. And same as honed surface, it will require more daily maintenance than the polished finishes, please have a well noted.